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Dear Hoyle and Diane,
“When I dropped my pink towel, that's when everyone knew to start the race.” — Joyce Waltze, Sandpoint, ID
Every since my early 20s, when I became a certified Windsurfing instructor, I had thoughts about one day teaching my kids to boardsail. Well, that finally happened last year on a family trip to Kauai. Both kids, Nick 13 and Alyssa 11, were finally big enough to give it a try. Of course, they enjoyed it immensely. It was a dream realized.
“We always had a party associated with the sailing competitions.” —Diane Schweitzer, Maui, HI I recently came across an interview you did with American Windsurfer in 1996. I don't care what anyone two were the sport of boardsailing. I know you modestly state that many others had a role in making the sport popular, but from my perspective, you were and always will be the people who made it fun. You were the two people who helped me remove my first Windsurfer from my VW bug in 1976 on Santa Clara Point in San Diego and talked me into participating in my first regatta where I placed 14th. (Of course there were only 14 people competing, but that is a different subject.) That turned into many years of fun and excitement.
“I was already an established sailor...I didn't see what the windsurfer was about until I finally got on one and then when I saw Matt on a wave I thought, wait a minute, this could really be something.” — Seymour Beek, Newport Beach, CA This summer, we went back to San Diego for a vacation on Mission Bay, and my old One Design made the trip with us for the first time in 17 years. Everything still works... including the sailor! My kids sailed for the first time where I had taught thousands of people in the past — something I had almost forgotten.
I'm not sure if the sport will ever become popular again, but because of you two, it was definitely a part of my life that I will always remember with joy.
— Michael Oddi, Los Angeles, CA

"Nobody remembers the early years when everyone thought it was really not a smart idea to quit your career, go near bankrupt and spend the bulk of your life trying to push this thing that was really hard to ride and stand on, not many people could do it. Most people walked away from it, they just didn't get it. But Hoyle believed in it."
— Mike Waltze, Maui, HI
I honestly believe if Hoyle hadn't had the vision to develop the one design sailing races, and stuck with it, the sport would never have taken off.  — Mike Waltze, Maui, HI
"I keep my spare universal knob in a safe deposit box so I am assured to always have use of my Windsurfer."
— Dennis Clemens, Des Moines, Iowa
"We enjoy keeping our classic One Design in the water. The new fast boards are exciting, but there's something soul pleasing about cruising along on our One design, and flipping a little trick every now and then. You know?"
— Elise MacGregor Ferrel, Santa Cruz, CA
"I heard a rumor there's a warehouse with a thousand Windsurfer One Designs somewhere in California, is that true?"  — Dave Scott, Traverse City, MI
"Everyone was so stoked to windsurf and compete...windsurfing has changed my life."
— Matt Schweitzer, Maui, HI
"Windsurfing in minimalistic, you do so much with so little."  — Allen Parducci, Pacific Palisades, CA
"Windsurfing is about soulful sailing, going out and having a fun time, new and expensive equipment not required."  — Matt Schweitzer, Maui
"Windsurfing was our family sport. The first memory I have in life is in the sand at Santa Maria Bay, Baja California, during a windsurfing regatta when I was two or three. We were a tribe."
— Clark Beek, Vessel Condesa
"Our whole family life revolved around windsurfing, and it was the most wonderful way to keep a family together and keep friends together."  — Joyce Waltze, Sandpoint, ID
"It's remarkable the way they started out with an idea that didn't seem like a big deal at the time, but has had a huge impact on sports and the world"  — Seymour Beek, Newport Beach, CA
"I recall the invitation of the Christening of the Skate. Coming to the Schweitzer house and Hoyle saying don't tell anyone but it doesn't work, but we're going to have a great party. I understand that it did not include an up haul, and I suspect that originally no one realized that to keep from always going into the wind you had to tilt the mast forward. I was perhaps one of the first dozen people to have windsurfed preceded by Schweitzer and Drake family, Allen Parducci, and I know John Anning. I remember going to the learning place at the Marina off Washington Blvd. and falling off the board so many times I can't count. In 1967 I bought NUMBER ONE for $200 when Hoyle needed extra cash to build additional boards."  — Tom Evans, Idaho & CA
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